Tuesday, 13 October 2009

VNF West - Foto van de maand

This evening's meeting had the theme "vreemd gaan", which covered everything that was abstract, experimental, non-nature or just a little crazy.

I took along some photos from my trip to Slovakia in May, and managed to find something to fit each one of those categories.

I was very pleased at how well the photos were received, and even more pleased by the fact that one of them (the first "Just plain crazy" shot) was voted photo of the month.

Abstract - Hrebienok Waterfall (see here, and here)

Just plain crazy!

Not Nature - Spiš Hrad

Experimental - HDR

The next challenge is to find something to enter for the annual competition in December.


Danielle said...

These are gorgeous, the waterfall pics are my favourite!!

Jen Hadfield said...

these are so beautiful. I love the mountains and big trees ones...

Elisheva said...

I love these pics! I'm so excited to see the ones you take in Antarctica!